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A Little Bit About Andrew Sparkman 

Andrew Sparkman - Realtor

Andrew Sparkman is a family man with a beautiful wife and three kids. He is devoted to and serves his church with the same love and passion he puts into his career. Having a child with Spina Bifida, he has taken upon himself to partner up with the Spina Bifida Association of Arizona. He gladly donates his time and 10% of all commissions to their organization. The mission of the Spina Bifida Association of Arizona is to “promote awareness of Spina Bifida and enhance the lives of those affected”. Andrew volunteers at many of their events, fundraises, and contributes to their cause. To learn more about Spina Bifida and this organization, please visit their website at SBAAZ.org

Andrew hangs his license with West USA Realty, the oldest real estate brokerage in Arizona. C Dale Hillard, one of the associate brokers, has assisted in writing many of the laws in Arizona pertaining to real estate. As a licensed realtor with West USA Realty, Andrew has learned from and has access to the vast knowledge Dale obtains. Andrew continually strives to be the best in his field and is constantly furthering his education and understanding of both sales and real estate. He uses his years of experience to ensure every client receives the best and most efficient service necessary to buy or sell their home. Five words you can count on from Andrew Sparkman love, integrity, commitment, passion, and FUN!!